Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We made it to Level 2 today!

No, I'm not referring to the next level on some video game. Unless you are from Ohio, you probably do not realize that as explained here, per Ohio Revised Code the County Sheriff issues a snow emergency alert based on travel conditions. I remember our first Christmas here, we got a snowstorm and were at a "Level 3"...we didn't think that sounded too bad (assuming it was on a scale of 5 or 10) and we had all day to travel to Pennsylvania so we went ahead and packed up the Aztek for our journey. Later we found out that "Level 3" is the highest Level emergency and we were not allowed to be out on the roads. (In our defense, the roads weren't the greatest but it had stopped snowing by the time that we left and we were driving very slowly and there were other cars out on the Interstate. They really need to offer some explanation for those of us "out-of-staters" when they issue an alert.) ........................................................................................ Well, today the roads were pretty bad, even in town. In fact, I had coworkers tell me that they were the worst in town. I didn't know if I would make it to work because of the piles of snow in the intersections left behind by the snow plow. They didn't plow our parking lot until after I left for work and along with all of the snow to drive through there was a layer of ice still from last week underneath the snow! Thanks to our kind neighbor who had a shovel, he and Mike helped me back the car out, shovel around it, go a little further, shovel around it when it got stuck again, go a little further, shovel around it when it got stuck again, until I got to the plowed out path across the parking lot. These pictures were taken about 5:30 pm (after it stopped snowing and after the parking lot was plowed out). You can see how high the snow is next to Mike's red Aztek where it was not plowed out. That's all since last evening. As you can see, it appears that some seminary students had a play day in the snow since classes were cancelled... So, although it wasn't the worst snowstorm (I can remember at least 3 others that were worse in the last 4 years), we made it to Level 2!


Joni said...

We had a heck of a snowstorm as you've heard through emails by now! I was at work from 12-3 today (since it's my late day) and had about 4 inches of snow on my car...the drive home was awful and got stuck in the driveway. Ron came out and saved me and dug me out. Now...can I get out tomorrow morning??? Fun fun! Just praising God taht we are all home safe tonight and warm...even Ron was called in to work the closing shift today! HA! can't get there!!!

Julie said...

I remember December Freshman year at Grove City during finals that I helped my neighbors across the hall dig out their car from Siberia but we only had frisbees and plastic cups.... can you imagine :) - It was a good study break though. ~ You are dedicated to your job - all that work just to get there - life sure is different over there! :)
Enjoy the memories now while you can! You won't have it next year.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like a lot of snow there also. It quit last night around 6:00 here and was good through am BUT now it is snowing again. Greenville was declared "state of emergency - but no Level__. You are higher class there!!! Did you have any people come in at work?
Dad and I ( after he digs the end of the drive from the big plow) are going to the beautiful woods for a walk.... if we can trudge through.
Take care
See ya soon for the PARTY!!!!!

kristine said...

but snow days are fun days!

Jen, I thought they were suppose to CLOSE everything during a Level 3, so you wouldn't have to go to work?? How come your office was open?

But then, I asked my son-in-law the same question about HIS office in Hilliard!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Mike's email about a possible 5 feet of snow doesn't come about. We probably already have 2 feet on the ground. Ice layer in between snow layers because of the snow, rain, snow we got yesterday. Isn't it fun living in the North!


Jen said...

Maybe we should stop "bragging" and posting and sending all of our pictures of the snow. Maybe we are scaring Jason and Kerby from ever moving up North to Pittsburgh. Are either of you reading these posts? I do like the snow. Even though it can be lots of work and stressful at times, it is fun and beautiful. I was thinking about your story from GCC too, Julie.