Thursday, January 1, 2009

Frugal Friday: Christmas Clearance Gift Wrapping Supplies

Not that I need any more wrapping paper or ribbon, but I love looking through the Christmas wrapping section this time of year when it is marked down 50% or more. In addition to the Christmas wrapping paper for future Christmas gifts, often I have found wrapping paper and ribbons/bows that can be used anytime of the year (like those shown above), and they are discounted as well because they are labeled "Christmas." It is also when I search the Christmas ornaments on clearance for future package decorations. I'll admit that storing the rolls of wrapping paper can be a problem. I have mine standing upright in a box in the closet. I also came across this clever way to store the wrapping rolls.
At Walmart this week, the ribbon by the yard (and material) in the craft section was all marked down 75% off clearance. It appears that Walmart (at least ours) is getting rid of all of the items in the sewing section that need to be measured and cut. Unfortunately, it was very picked over but I did find several things, including some colored rhinestone type things to use as "embellishments" on my cards for a total of just $2.10 for my bag of goodies.
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Julie said...

What a fun cool new look! Although your blog title keeps changing on my Google Reader too :) We hit Big Lots this year for wrapping paper... we were OUT! Funny how excited you get about those things! :) Can't wait to see the video.