Saturday, January 3, 2009

Attention Coupon Clippers

Today's newspaper had several good coupons. It may be worth getting an extra copy of this week's paper. These were in the Times Gazette today ($.50/copy)... -McDonald's - Free small McCafe capaccino/mocha or medium iced coffee (in addition to other McDonald's coupons) -Logan's Roadhouse $3 off/$10 and $5 off/$20 purchase -Green Giant Vegetables: $.50 Valley Fresh Steamers (several others) -Colgate Total $1.50 **They are an ECB deal at CVS this week - you could get 2 tubes free if you have 2 coupons -Colgate MaxFresh $1 -Fiber One Bars $.50 -Progresso $.50 off 2 **They are on sale for $1 this week at Hawkins which doubles coupons so that will make them $.50 each -Cascadian Farm Organic product $1 -Rubbermaid storage containers and totes $1 (we'll be needing some when we move) -Red Lobster $3 off two lunch entrees, $4 off two dinner entrees -Snyder Multigrain chips $1 -**Bayer Special 1/2 Price Offer Rebate Form Aleve, Bayer, Flinstones, Alka-Seltzer Plus, One-a-Day, Citracel, Phillips, etc Also, there are additional coupons...AND CVS has a deal this week to get $5 ECB back when you buy $15 products which include the Bayer, Alka-Seltzer and Aleve(sale prices apply), so if I've figured this out right I can buy 1 each of Bayer, Alka-Seltzer and Aleve - use 3 $1 coupons = $18 then get $7.50 back in rebate - $5 ECB = Total Price $5.50 for all of those 3 things As well as coupons for the following: Pillsbury Grands, Sweet Rolls, Dinner Rolls, Toaster Strudel Nature Valley Granola Bars Fruit Rollups Yoplait Os-Cal Atkins bars Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, Cafe Steamers Healthy Ones Deli Meat Joint Care Drinkables (I'll save them for you Mom) Chef Boyardee Nature Made vitamins Oust Fuzze PizzaAmore Act Flouride Rinse Airborne Kleenex Coffemate Taster's Choice Carnation Instant Breakfast Boost Juicy Juice Campbells - soups (several coupons) V8 Minute Rice Lysol - various products So I thought it was worth spending $.50 for a couple more copies...Anyone want me to do some shopping for them?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'll take some of the joint drinks.
Did you see the printable one for $1.10 on 3 progresso soups ( can't double though) on what I emailed earlier?

Joni said...

I'll take the Colgate (just regular paste or gel if that's an option...I get the paste total whitening).