Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here we go...

I just thought that I would post a few pictures of our "Black and Gold" family as we all get pumped up for the game Sunday afternoon: From two weeks ago at the last regular season game - Dad, Mike, Jason, Kerby (Dad, you really look like a true Steelers fan in your garb with your gotee): Last Christmas: And, the youngest of the family with Dad: Sorry, I couldn't come up with others of the Valentines to post...Julie, you'll have to take a picture for us... GO STEELERS!!!!


Joni said...

The family pic is on the Post Gazette. hehe I LOVE the picture of Dad and Caleb...we start 'em out young! haha

Dad looks like he's ready to PLAY...since his jersey's over his coat it looks like he has pads on...LB? :) haha

Love the pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't just look like a true Steeler Fan............ I AM A TRUE STEELER FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!