Friday, January 16, 2009


We had a couple days of snow accumulation over the past week. Now, the temperatures have dropped so low that the parking lots, although they have been plowed out, are still covered in a layer of packed-down snow because the sun and salt aren't enough to cause it to melt. So, walking or driving across it makes a crunching noise. It's so cold that the hairs inside your nose freeze just walking out to the car, and the inside of our car windows are frosted. (I had to bring the snow brush in from the car because the wet snow had frozen solid and made the brush useless.) It makes me very thankful for just simply warm clothes and a blanket and shelter from the cold and some warm soup and hot cocoa. You know it's cold when you feel sorry for things like your car and the bushes all covered in ice and snow...


Joni said...

Cool icicles. Yeah...I'm thankful our cars started on Friday with the negative temperatures. The sun was VERY deceiving yesterday too!!! Looked VERY pretty though!!!

Our snow is very crunchy's weird. The traffic is loud too b/c of the crunching on the streets!!!

I thanked God more than ever that we have shelter, heat, and food to eat. The little things we normally take for granted!

Anonymous said...

You have a lot of snow too.
going to church this am there was a house that had ice sickles from the
roof down to the 36 inch high shrubs all across the front window....oooh!
The wind is fierce here causing drifting but today is getting warmer- ha 20's!
Yes, Thank you, Lord, for warm homes and food.

kristine said...

I agree. I have been grateful for a car that is staring, a furnace working & water pipes NOT frozen!

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