Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shootin' Hoops

Mike and I were able to get a membership to the AU Rec Center for 1/2 semester through March. So, we started going to the gym in the evenings this week. We played basketball a couple nights. I have no chance against Mike, one-on-one or playing H-O-R-S-E or anything like that, but we have been shooting around some and it was a great feeling to have the ball "swish" through the net. Man, it's been along time since I played basketball, so I was actually impressed with myself that I could even still shoot the ball. My stats weren't NCAA status, but they never were: Foul line = 9/25, Lay-ups = 18/25. I'll have to keep practicing!


Julie said...

I'm sure my stats wouldn't be much different! But it IS fun when you do go get a chance to play isn't it? --just knowing what you're supposed to do and how to handle the ball even if we can't get the swish to happen every time. :) fun

Joni said...

I would love to play again...just shooting! Ah...those were the sink each shot (well, for some of us! haha)

Glad you enjoyed it!

FinancialTeacher said...

In a layup contest between you and Mike, I would put my money on you.

In a three point contest, without any defense, I would put my money on Mike.

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