Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"What is it?" Wednesday

Yes, I was a biology major in college but I did not have a single class in plant morphology. I would like to learn more about plants and gardening so I thought it would be fun to ask if anyone knows what kind of trees these are. I took these picture here at the seminary a couple weeks ago. Sorry I can't give any hints because I "have no clue" literally. All I know is that they would be "conifers" and it appears to me that each is a different species.



Anonymous said...
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Joni&Ron said...

1. pine tree
2. pine tree
3. pine tree

haha - they're all pines to me! :) and they all make me sneeze!

i bet Ron could tell biology major! :)

Joni&Ron said...

From Ron:
1. Yellow Pine
2. Blue Spruce
3. Spruce of some kind...maybe a Norway Spruce

Those are his answers...

btw - you need to change how your comments are. you can't see other posts and it goes to a new window...

FinancialTeacher said...

Bring your camera to our house this weekend. We have so many types of trees, shrubs, flowers, plants and weeds and we do not know what most of them are. We would love to find out.