Friday, May 9, 2008

Pizza Frenzy?!?!?

Several of the blogs that I like to read have a "Frugal Friday" post, so this is my 1st attempt for my very own "Frugal Friday" post: Sometimes a deal is not a deal... Unless you live in the Cleveland area you probably didn't hear about the deal that Papa John's had going yesterday. In an effort to make peace with Cleveland Cavs fans Papa John's was offering $.23 large one-topping pizzas all day yesterday. (You can read more about the background of this here, if you are interested.) So, that was the menu for dinner last night. I did try calling early in the afternoon to see if I could put an order in for pickup after work, however, I kept getting a busy signal. So, I thought I would just stop out right after work. If I had to wait an hour or so that would be OK. Mike later informed me that a co-worker's wife went out in the afternoon and the line was down the block, and "that's only to put your order in" !!! Pick-up would be 3 hours later!!!! Since Mike had his interview I needed to have dinner ready by 5:30...that wasn't gonna work!!! So, I figured I would just swing over to Little Caesar's and pick up their $5 pizza. Again, no such luck! When I went in to their store, I was informed they were almost out of cheese and wouldn't be taking any more orders and would be closing soon!! (It seems that 1/2 of Ashland had the same idea.) Mike said to try somewhere else. I would have settled for leftovers, but by now he had his mind set on pizza (He even offered to pay with his "birthday money.") When it was all said and done, (another 2 pizza shops later) I drove home with a pizza for $10.49! Not such a great deal, dear husband was happy and had a full belly in time for his interview. On the flip side...I was able to get a free Cinnabon earlier in the week for "Nurses Week" and a purse-size bottle of Clinique Happy!! And...I was able to stay under my grocery goal for this week: Rite Aid = $6.39 ($5.99 rebate), Hawkins Market = $5.16, CVS = $1.66 and Walmart $ $18.06 after rebate. Yay! Finally, here are some "deals" that I've seen advertised for mom on Mother's Day: - Free cup or cone at TCBY - Free like-it size ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery

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Julie said...

Wow, 18.06 for groceries?!? I guess your new hobby is paying off! ...cept you paid for the pizza :) You still paid less with the two than I do for one week of groceries! Enjoy the cheap grocery days now... I was thinking that those days might come back for us when the kids are older but then I realized we'll probably have $100 meals in order to feed everyone when they bring their families home for holidays. :) lv ya!