Sunday, May 25, 2008


Dr. L. Richard Knapp
June 12, 1919 - May 18, 2008
We were back home in Greenville with my family last week for Dick's visiting hours and funeral. It was a beautiful service with many bittersweet tears - I say bittersweet because we will miss him dearly and because we also know he is now "at home" with his Saviour in his "new body" (as my niece and nephew have been talking about). He was a wonderful man who touched many lives. Family and friends gave testimonies of his life at the funeral service. My parents and siblings also wrote out some special memories of him for my grandma. These are some of them:
My earliest memories of Dick were when I was a little girl going to the dentist. His office was on the 2nd floor in a building downtown. I remember it like it was just the other day. Then 17 years ago (after grandpa died), Grandma and Dick got married. It was then that he grew to become a special part of our family. He had such a unique personality, one that made him the best “step-grandpa” I could have ever asked for…
- his jolly hello every time we would see him - his humble heart that made us feel so special
- his sweet love for my grandma (kissing her on the cheek, giving her little love taps, having the nurses call her each day he was in the hospital so they could "check on her", etc) - his sense of humor that always made us laugh (the last time we saw him we were out to dinner and his meat was under-cooked and he asked the waitress if it was still alive - with a chuckle)
- having fun joking and playing games with the family (like "Hillbilly golf")
- his hearty chuckle at dad’s jokes - his kind spirit - he never spoke badly about anyone or anything - his polite, gentleman actions - his compliments of mom’s cooking ("mmm, that's tasty") - his grateful attitude of anything we gave him or did for him
- having some kind of bond with us whether it be Grove City College or his hunting camp in Elk Country (Bennezett, PA) or something else
- his interest in Corvettes (especially because Jason worked at the plant)
- his desire to always learn more whether it be geography, history, science etc
- how he would get excited about little things like "soup" or Arby's
- his love for Jesus (he had my grandma read scripture aloud each day when he no longer could)
- the twinkle in his eye which brightened up the room I wish I could capture each moment in my mind because we will surely miss you, Dick !!! Our family won’t be quite the same without you…we look forward to being united with you again someday...I can only imagine what it will be like to be there in the presence of our eternal home !!!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a dear man Jen
Enjoy your memories of him!