Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sad news

We received some sad news earlier this week. My grandmother’s husband, Dick, was diagnosed with pre-leukemia almost 2 years ago. Because of his age (he will be 89 in June), they decided against aggressive treatments. He had been on medication and when his hemoglobin levels dropped below 10 gm/dL he would receive a blood transfusion. The blood transfusions were a great boost to his energy level. And in fact, he just recently returned from a 2-week trip to Atlanta to visit his family. But, we knew that eventually the pre-leukemia condition would progress into leukemia at which point blood transfusions would no longer “work” and he would continue to get weaker and weaker. This is what has been happening over the last week or so. The last blood transfusion did not bring his hemoglobin level up like the others have. His blood counts are quite low and will only continue to drop at this point. We understand that his time left on this earth is very short - maybe a few weeks, maybe only a few days. So the past few days, our thoughts have been on Dick as he nears his eternal home in the glorious presence of Jesus.

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