Monday, June 16, 2008

Meal Planner Monday: Oriental Chicken Salad

This is a good summertime recipe (you could make variations of it)... Oriental Chicken Salad Boneless, skinless chicken, cooked in strips Salad greens of your choice Cabbage (use a majority of cabbage compared to salad greens) Shredded carrots Mandarin oranges, optional Green onions or sliced red onions, optional Sliced almonds Rice noodles (or chow mein) Oriental dressing (I did a google search and found a fat-free recipe) _____________________________________________


Joni&Ron said...

is the picture the one you made? it looks really good...but don't have 99% of the ingredients....we REALLY need to go get groceries!!!

Julie said...

Does Mike like this??? I think the cabbage is intimidating me to try it.

Jen said...

No this is not the picture of the one that I made. And, Mike did not eat this, but he had the chicken breast plain. Don't be afraid of the cabbage...if you like coleslaw then you would probably like this salad. It would be OK without the cabbage but I think it is much better with the cabbage...kind of makes it more "oriental"