Sunday, June 1, 2008

A+...A Job Well Done

"Mr. Harpst" is now retired
from teaching
at Greenville High School !
How does it feel???
Courses Taught Most: Practical Algebra and Algebra I and II
Years teaching = 33
And for anyone who didn't know, yes, I had my dad for Algebra II...
I got an A in the class (not because he was my dad)...
and if I was grading, I would give him an A, as well, for being an excellent teacher!
(I wish I could have found a better picture of you teaching)
Congratulations on your retirement, Dad & Mom!!
We'll be waiting for you to come visit!


Joni&Ron said...

Dad's officially done...TODAY! WAHOO!!! Time for a party!

Julie said...

I remember getting an 'A' too - except one time getting a 'D' on a square roots quiz! That was very embarrassing! lov you dad! It was great having you as teacher and coach!