Friday, June 6, 2008

Frugal Friday: Using What You Have - Part 1

My strategy to saving money this month is to not buy groceries. Of course there will be some things like milk, some fresh fruits and vegetables, etc that I still plan to buy. However, I plan to limit most everything else unless we really need it (or if it is a CVS moneymaker on something I can give away). I am pretty good at "stocking up" on things at sale prices but sometimes I have a hard time using up what I have. I have this idea in my head that I should have an "extra" on hand so it is there when we need/want it. But, with us moving anytime between 2-14 months from now I really don't want any extras that will have to get boxed up. Besides, it appears that one of the principles that people in the "frugal" blogging world talk about is using what you have. (I can see how not being intentional about using what I already have on hand leads to waste.) So, I am going to focus on applying this principle this month and see how much of my stockpile I can use up while minimizing my spending... ------------------------------------- Specific ways that we have saved money this week (and you can too): 1. Subway still has their $5 footlong subs (we shared one for dinner one night) 2. We had an enjoyable evening out (free steak dinner) at The Cabin with Pastor Rob and his wife Christy thanks to a new chiropractic office in town who was trying to round up some business - I could probably get you signed up if you are interested 3. We are blessed to know a mechanic who is always very reasonable when charging us for car repairs 4. I have my free Cold Stone Creamery "Love It Size" ice cream coupon to use when we are in Pittsburgh this weekend - you can sign up for their Birthday club here (Baskin Robbins also has a birthday can sign up here) (In case you are wondering, it is very rare that we eat out this much)
5. My CVS trip this week (sorry the spacing is all messed up)... $5.84 $1.29 6. If you are around the Ashland area, gas is currently $3.69/gallon at the Eagle gas station on Claremont Avenue (as of 1:00 today)
update @ 4:30...nevermind it didn't last it's $3.77
Also...Friendly's in Ashland is givivg away free ice cream cones tomorrow afternoon. Other freebies from Money Saving Mom: Free Krispy Kreme doughnut when you register
Free beverage and other stuff when you register your Starbucks gift card
...and many others!!! (go to Money Saving Mom to view & click on links)


Anonymous said...

Be sure and tell us how the cold stone is. I probably couldn't decide what to get.

Joni&Ron said...

wow! nice deals! and yeah....if you're moving 8 hrs don't want frozen things to try to pack!!!


Anonymous said...

I sure am grateful for the hints & I use them. Thanks Jen!