Friday, January 21, 2011

Why did the turkey cross the road?

We got about 8 inches of snow overnight, so I was out earlier today shoveling the driveway and then this afternoon the plow finally came down our road again to clear the remaining snow. A little later in the afternoon I looked out our front window and saw these three turkeys. The sun had been shining and they were quite beautiful so I stood there for a bit watching these interesting creatures peck on a branch or two and stretch out their wings.
They were walking through the woods and I could see them struggling through the snow almost hopping because their legs weren't long enough to carry them above the top of the snow. A few minutes later they went up over the snow bank and walking down the road for awhile then back again into the snow on the other side. I had to chuckle because I thought that it appears that today's answer for the notorious quesion "Why did the turkey (chicken) cross the road?"
...Because the snow was too deep in the woods.


Joni said...

Good answer...I'm gonna say its pretty accurate for this situation! :)

Nice pictures too! The sun was beautiful today. To look at through the window that is.

Dad said...

Great pictures. I enjoy taking pictures outside with the wildlife. Turkeys are known not to be too intelligent. he he he