Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meal Planner Monday: Turkey Sausage with Peppers Marinara Sauce

I found these the other day at Giant Eagle. These are all natural (no nitrites or preservatives or artificial ingredients). I cooked the sausage then mixed a jar of mom's peppers marinara (recipe to follow) with a jar of spaghetti sauce and served over spaghetti.
I estimated the nutritional information for the peppers marinara sauce as follows (1 serving = 1/4 pint jar)...
Calories 127
Total Fat 8 grams
Saturated Fat 0.6 grams
Monounsaturated Fat 4.6 grams
Fiber 2 grams
Protein 1.4 grams
The nutritional information for the spaghetti sauce, turkey sausage and pasta will be on the package. But, for 1 turkey sausage link, 1/4 of the peppers marinara, a serving of spaghetti sauce, and a serving of Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta, it was 10 WW points. (I added some more green peppers and onions sliced just because I had them to add some extra veggie nutrients). The recipe made this way would make 5 servings and cost between $6 and $8 depending on how much you pay for the sauce and pasta. I often get the Ronzoni Smart Taste for less than $1 with a coupon.
Peppers Marinara (makes about 7-8 pint jars)
Bring to a boil:
1 cup vegetable oil
2 (6 oz) cans tomato paste
2 cups cider vinegar
1 cup sugar
2 Tbsp salt
5-6 garlic cloves
2 cups tomato sauce
Add and simmer a couple hours:
1 onion
1 peck hot, sweet, mild peppers
2 green peppers
Pour steaming hot into sterilized pint size canning jars, seal with canning lids.

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Any kind of sausage works for me! Just ask Mom what I request when she asks. he he he