Monday, February 7, 2011

Meal Planner Monday: Healthy, Organic Steak and Potatoes Dinner

This was my Organic, grass-fed sirloin steak from Wegmans. I marinated it in Aldi's House Dressing with several dashes of red wine vinegar then broiled for a total of 8 minutes (turn after 5 minutes). The red skin (organic) potatoes were cubed and roasted in a bit of olive oil with a sprinkle of salt and Italian seasoning. The broccoli (organic) was steamed in the microwave (plain) for 2 minutes.
I rarely buy steak, so this was a treat. Because all of it was organic, it was more expensive than what I normally spend per dinner - about $10-12 for the entire meal for the 2 of us. However, it was still less expensive than a steak dinner out, in fact the cost is comparable to 2 value meals at McDonald's, but much healthier. Due to the healthier portion sizes as well, I calculated the WW point value to be only 8 points. And, it was so delicious!
I just wanted to post this to show that... 1) it may be possible financially for most of us to work organic and fresh foods into our meal planning (at least once in awhile), and 2) buying and preparing healthy "whole food dinners" is typically easy and convenient.
Besides...this would make for a very nice Valentine's Day dinner :)


Joni said...

looks yummy! We had steak the other night too. From Pam's cow so, considered organic...

I cooked it with a dash of olive oil and the juices from a green peppers sliced, sliced onion, and fresh locally grown mushrooms. Along side a (regular) baked potato.

SO yummy!

Julie said...

looks great! and "Bob" would give you an A+ since half of your plate is vegetables. He's told me that numerous times in the "nutrition advice" section of the biggest loser game. :)

Dad said...

Steak anyway is good. We don't have it more than once a year here.