Friday, March 26, 2010

One Room Done (Well Temporarily) And The Rest of the House To Go

I finally got the trim around the bottom of the cupboards last weekend so here are the before and after pictures on the kitchen...
(enlarge the first picture to notice the faded house & cat border from the '80s and the checkerboard floor - what were they thinking...and everything was so dirty - the stove, range hood and dishwasher were so gross even though they don't look that bad in these pictures)
In Progress
Mike and his friend did the "demolitian work" - they ripped out the cupboards between the refrigerator and stove so we could make room for our new refrigerator. Mom, dad and I painted and layed the floor. Our brother-in-law helped with the installation of the new range hood.
Our plan after we get through the rest of the updates on the house is to get hardwood floor upstairs and gut the kitchen replacing the counters and cupboards at that time...our temporary fix-up aside from the appliances was only about $100 and it looks so much better!


Julie said...

wow - that looks real nice - and had i not been there and seen the "before" in person I don't know if I'd really appreciate the after photos as much. I will attest that it was pretty gross. ~ I love the curtains and paint... and the pad under the mixer :) - It looks so "harpstish" with that recipe box! I have the same spice rack too. Thanks for sharing pictures! looks great!

Joni said...

looks good! I HEARD how gross it was...glad I didn't see it. :) I like it better without the cupboards where the fridge is. I think it makes the room look bigger. And thanks for the opposite side picture. I always wondered what was in the other corner... :) hehe

I love the pad under the mixer as well and the recipe box is wonderful too! :) Hope your's is better organized than mine!

Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Checkerboard floors huh? Makes for a good conversaton piece to say the least.

It's a lot of work, but I bet you two are having fun making your home the way you want it.

Nice job.