Friday, March 5, 2010

The Little Amish Store in the Country

We drove down to Punxsy to look at furniture for our basement this afternoon. On our way back, which was through part of Amish Country, I spied a sign that said Miller's Bulk Foods and More...1 1/2 mile. Mike agreed to follow the signs for me to check it out and when we got there I was surprised to see that they were still open (it was about 5:30). A little Amish boy silently opened the door for me and Mike chatted with the Amish man while I browsed over the shelves. He used to live in Holmes County and we both agreed that we missed living in that part of Ohio. It was a small little place but they had some interesting items. I saw on the sign inside the store that they sell frozen cherries in a 5 gallon container (I assume just like the ones we used to get when I was a kid).
Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar $2.50
Tapioca 1 lb $1.45
Chocolate Chips 1 lb $1.33
Sea Salt 3 lb $1.70
Yellow Popcorn 4 lb $2.36
Cracked Wheat 5 lb(I think like what I've been adding to my cereal) $2.40
Hard White Spring Wheat (Whole Wheat Berries) 5 lb $4.50
I'm not sure that I have room for all of it in my cupboard but I wanted to make it worth the 3 miles out of our way. I'm sure I'll make it back (if I can remember how we got there). And it wasn't really a "for sure thing" but I asked about organic, grass-fed beef and he said an Amish man moved in just down the road and he thinks he will be having some beef available eventually and "he doesn't believe in any fertilizers." So, I may have found myself a place I can get part of a cow when I get the freezer space...and I'd like to find myself a grain mill so I can grind some flour (supposedly the flour loses the nutrients after it sits on the shelf in a bag), but they are so expensive...we'll see...


Joni said...

you should email Ron's sister and see what she'll have from their greenhouse and such. They have cattle but not sure what all they're fed. Also they have brown eggs, chickens (obviously since they have eggs), turkeys (or did before Thanksgiving), pigs...I think that's it. Let me know if you want her email address. She's got things planted already. The greenhouse is HUGE!

Magic Mike said...

You do know that Amish do not allow to have their pictures taken (they consider it a graven image). Don't know what I was doing at the time you took the picture, but glad I wasn't part of it!

Jen said...

It's a picture from the internet, silly (although it doesn look very similar to the place where we were)

mom said...

Sounds like a really cool place.
Nice that Mike let you extend your travels!