Thursday, March 4, 2010

Frugal Friday: Book It, Brusters PJ Day and Other Deals

Attention parents of young children (including homeschoolers)...Pizza Hut has again started the Book It program (read about it here). I guess I'm just old enough to have missed out on that as a child but I remember being envious of my younger sister getting her free pizza. (I read that they are celebrating 25 years this year.)
Deals of the Week:
-5 lb bag of Idaho potatoes $.88 (Shop-n-Save) (I got 2 bags just in time for a big batch of pierogies that I've been planning)
-Gold Medal Unbleached Flour $1.79 - $.75 off coupon below = $1.04 (Shop-n-Save) (again, great for the pierogies that I'll be making)
-Cambells Tomato Soup $.49 each - $.40 off 4 = $.39 each (CVS)
-Grapes $.89/lb (Aldi)(I still have some from last week so I'll wait on this - it's good until next Wed.)
-Organic Rice Milk $1.59 (Aldi)
(I saw they have organic soy milk at a good price also)
-Heinz Ketchup 40 oz (2) at $1.99 each + Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar (2) at $.99 each
+ Cinnamon Toast Crunch (for Mike) (2) at $5 - $1 off - $.20 off a gallon of gas = less than $8 for all 6 items
-and, finally a Valentine's Day clearance item (a cute little item that I found just perfect for my hubby) $.09 (it was 90% off)(CVS)
Add...don't miss...
Brusters Free Ice Cream for wearing your PJs tomorrow March 6 (see details here)
Hot Coupons
Try YoPlus yogurt for free on their website
Gold Medal Flour
Become a Chic-fil-A Insider (here) for Free Food and Coupons
For next week, I'm considering a shopping fast aka "Eat from the Pantry Challenge"...I'm so blessed with a full pantry & toiletry closet right now that I should take a week off of all grocery shopping and exercise true frugality (ie: using what you have)...


mom said...

Good deals!
OK our gold medal flour is 2/$4 though, so not as good of deal.

Rite Aid has Pantene 2/$6.00 with sunday paper coupon $3 off any 2. Will have to check the redplum cp.

I printed (2 from different places) Mini wheats $1.50 off 2 and GE has 5 for $15 -$5 instant= $10 - my $3= $7 for 5 boxes.

Are you having the pirogies the next time we come?????

mom said...

You can also get Wheaties cp $1. to become a fan on facebook.

jen said...

I saw that you beat me to join Facebook. That's cool!

I saw the wheaties coupon but didn't see any good sales on that yet. Good deal on the mini wheats. I have been getting lots of good deals on cereal lately but I need to take a break unless it's less than $1. I counted 24 boxes in our cupboard the other day. I better limit the selection to what I have and eat up that probably or I may risk Mike changing his mind on what kind of cereal he likes.

I'll check the coupon for Pantene - Mike told me today he doesn't like the kind of shampoo that I bought the last time and he likes Pantene now.

jen said...

cancel the internet coupon for the Gold Medal flour at Shop-n-Save. They don't take internet coupons. I'm kind of disgusted with them right now over problems the last few times I've shopped there :(

Jen said...

Is that a request for pierogies?