Thursday, February 18, 2010

Projecting Hope Film Series

If you live near Charlotte, Pittsburgh or Dubois keep reading...
There is a wonderful opportunity to go to the movies for a date night, outreach or family movie night and see quality inspiring movies...and it's all free!!!!!
Projecting Hope Film Series is going on right now through March in DuBois. Mike and I will be going tonight to see the movie "Sarah's Choice" which features Rebecca St. James. We missed the earlier ones throughout the past month. But, I went on the internet to see the trailers and all of them look good enough that I would see about purchasing them on DVD.
So, I would encourage you to check out the website for Projecting Hope Film Festival and if possible support this opportunity to offer faith-based and family-friendly films in the movie theater. Even if you don't live near any of these cities (is DuBois considered a city?), you can watch trailers of these uplifting and encouraging movies. Most of them are available on DVD.


mom said...

Too bad we aren't a 'big city'!!
Sounds good!
Let us know what the movies are.

Jen said...

You can go to the DuBois link on the website and click on the "Films/Schedule" to see the listing and most have trailers videos to preview.