Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Valentines

Mike has had a couple magic shows in Southeast PA these last couple months so we kind of invited ourselves to stay with my sister. (I guess it was a fair tradeoff since we watched the kids on Friday evening while they went to a Dave Ramsey class at church during both of our stays.) Of course we have really been enjoying our visits with Julie and Keith and the kiddos (and my cousin Kimberly this last visit). I finally downloaded some pictures... Some of my favorite moments:
- watching Caleb try to play the wii and his comments to himself (it was lots of giggles for everyone when he kept falling off the cliff)
- watching the 3 older kids "attack" Mike with games and horseyback rides
- cuddling with Aaron and seeing his grins and hearing his giggles
- late nights with Julie and Keith talking and playing games (can you believe we were up well past midnight both times) and Aaron crawling up on the table over our gameboard with a guilty grin on his face
- Caleb saying that Mike tickled his teeth when he was brushing his teeth before bed
- Josiah talking quietly through the baby monitor from bed saying "Aaaunnntttt JJJeeeennnn" "Aaaunnntttt JJJJeeennnn" because he was hungry and wanted a snack
I heard lots of "Uncle Mike, can you sit by me?" at every meal and "Uncle Mike, ----" "Uncle Mike, ----" to whatever was going on and Katelyn just couldn't get enough of Uncle Mike this last time. Mike was telling me on the way home that Katelyn whispered in his ear "Uncle Mike, will you be my Valentine?" (we were there over Valentine's Day weekend). At least he replied "I already have a's Aunt Jen." Thank you for allowing us to stay with you...we're looking forward to another visit again soon! We love you!


Julie said...

That was fun to see those videos :) you got a good one of caleb in the last one. and that katelyn - she's a bugger with uncle mike - she says so much with him. oh boy. ~ We're secretly hoping you have more and more shows so we can enjoy more late night games with you! How fun those are. Love you guys - and we're so glad you can come!

Joni said...

"can't go that way" - too cute! hehe

Mom said...

Oh my, such cute faces!!!! We miss them so much. I'm glad you could go 'enjoy' them. Cute, cute video.:)
They each are so special.

I'm sure once we get there next month we'll be 'plum tuckered out' also, Mike.