Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Last 7 Days...

I haven't had the chance to post any more this last week because of all that's been going on...
-Last Friday (through Saturday) we went to Pittsburgh and were able to spend some time with our friends Steve and Amy before we picked up Mike's sister and the kids at the airport (who were traveling back from visiting Mike's mom and dad in Myrtle Beach).
-On Sunday, Mike's grandmother was very unexpectedly admitted to the ICU in congestive heart failure. On Monday, they did a cardiac cath and placed a stent in one of the arteries in her heart (another artery in her leg they couldn't do anything with). She is doing much better and will probably be coming home today.
-Then on Tuesday, Mike's nephew (6 years old) had an emergency appendectomy for appendicitis. So, we've been staying at their house the last two nights with the other two kids. (Her husband is in Jamaica on a mission trip so she's been staying at the hospital with Zach. Mike's mom and dad travel back from their winter stay in Myrtle Beach today. I guess we were next on the list for babysitters :) Zach should be coming home today also.
Needless to say, we have been at our house very little the last 7 days. We are looking forward to everything calming down (hopefully) and catching up on things around the house this weekend...
Thank you to everyone who had heard about this before now and has been praying for Mike's family. God has been good and we have been blessed with all good news the last couple days. Finally, we would ask that you remember in prayer Mike's brother who is now in Afghanistan with the US Marines again for the next year (he just left a couple weeks ago).

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Julie said...

Yes, we've been thinking of you guys and praying for you - I'm grateful God placed you in town to be able to care for your family. What a blessing that had to be to Dana! Thanks for being willing to be there. :)