Friday, October 10, 2008

Frugal Friday:

Mike discovered this website a couple months ago. There is a featured item of the day. The items are mostly electronics, or things you may find in a store like Brookstone. The items are drastically (about 50% or more) cheaper than retail or other internet prices. So, if you are able to find something that you like, you can really get a good deal. They also have a "woot-off" a few times a year where they put one item up on the website right after another (similar to the home shopping networks) and they don't last more than a few minutes, so when that comes around there are lots of different items coming up all day long. Our DVD player quit working a couple months ago, and Mike found a DVD player/recorder on their site during a woot-off for $39 (tax and shipping included) and the comparison price for Walmart online was $89 (pre-tax). Our order arrived at our doorstep in just a couple days. I will say that it's not a good site if you are only looking for a certain brand or model, but I think it is a good site to check out as you are thinking about Christmas shopping, or if you are looking for an item for yourself that you are not particular with brand and model (like with our DVD player/recorder - we did check out how the item was rated on different sites, which it did get good ratings, but we didn't care if it was Magnavox, Sony, or whatever). I am guessing that a lot of people not only buy an item for themselves but a good number buy more than one and then try to sell them on ebay for a profit, which could easily be done. You can read more about the company and their policies on their website. Now, on to the best deals that I saw this week: CVS Glaceau vitamin water $2.29 - $2.29 ECB = Free Bic Soleil razor or 4 pk cartridges $5.99 - $4 = $1.99 Colgate MaxFresh (monthly deal) $2.99 - $2 - $1 coupon from newspapers = Free Mennon Speedstick deodorant $1.99 - $1 ECB = $.99 CVS brand vitamins/supplements BOGO Always Infinity Pads $4.98 - $4.98 ECB = Free Hawkins White bread $.63 Chicken leg quarters $.63/lb Lettuce $.63 Domino sugar 5 lb $1.98 Kroger Energizer batteries $2 - $1 peelie coupon = $1 (while supplies last) Amick Farms fresh boneless skinless chicken breast $1.99/lb 1 doz eggs 10/$10 Rite Aid Rite Aid vitamins/supplements BOGO Crest Whitening Rinse $3.99 - $3.99 rebate - $1 coupon = $1 profit Walgreens See list on Money Saving Mom site Note: Final prices do not take into account the sales tax. There may be other pretty good sales on specific items that you would normally buy that are not listed here. I have only listed the ones that I think are the best deals (products I may or may not buy this week).

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