Friday, February 11, 2011

Frugal Friday Freebies

Over the last couple months we've had some great freebies arrive right on our doorstep. It was so exciting to save up for them and then open up the package when it finally arrived at our house.
- Toy Story Hamm Bank - free through Kellogg's website with 4 cereal purchases (all on sale of course)
- Coombs Family Farms Pure Organic Maple Syrup (32 oz)- free with "oodles" through the Game Show Network website ($22 value on Amazon)
- Eat Smart Precision Plus Bathroom Scale - free with "oodles" through the Game Show Network website (this will replace our old one, a 50 year-old dial up kind, for our Biggest Loser Challenge)($37 value on Amazon with a list price of $65)
This was an exercise in delayed gratification since we had to slowly save up for each of these. I am not necessarily endorsing the Game Show Network website. It probably isn't the best use of time when you consider the value of the prize and the amount of time to get it (about 1/2 hour each evening for a couple months), but it was something we had fun doing together. And, all of these were completely free - there were no shipping charges.
Other freebies from recently... - Stride Shift or Trident gum - free after ECB at CVS this week
- Simply Orange Juice - free at Giant with a catalina coupon that printed at the register
- Kashi cereal bars - free with a $3 coupon through RecycleBank and you also earn points when you recycle specially marked cereal boxes through Recycle Bank
- Excedrin - free at Rite Aid with $2 coupon


Joni said...

I think the Cosgroves would break that scale...good thing you guys got it! You don't weigh much!!!

Things look good....except did you look at the sugar, etc on the OJ? We ended up with Giant Eagle brand after looking at every, yes EVERY, label. OJ is NOT healthy in the slightest!!!! But tastes OH SO GOOD!

Still awesome you got the scale!!! :)

And LOVE the PIGgy bank...hehe :)

Jen said...

Yes, there is a lot of natural sugar in all juices even the 100% juice. I understand the reasoning behind the nutritionists saying that you should only eat whole fruits and not juice. We usually drink less that 1 serving at breakfast and I water mine down now. Still, I've considered cutting it out completely to see if it helps weight loss.

The scale looks fragile but I'm sure you wouldn't break it :)

Julie said...

well...considering last week's weigh-in results, I think you're doing just fine on the weight loss activity! I will say that don't drink juice except on special holidays but I don't think you should cut it out b/c I want to be a bigger loser ;) HA

DAd said...

Looks good. I LOVE orange juice!