Friday, June 19, 2009

The cow

We have been very busy - it is hard to do anything other than work and sleep! In fact we have been "on duty" technically 24/7 since last Sunday and will continue to be on duty until next weekend because of the swine flu outbreak, although we have been able to stay at our training apartment off and on this week. I started this post a couple weeks ago, but am finally adding the picture and posting it. It seems that each day there is something new to learn and there is the MHS jargon to learn as well. One of the things that is unique to the student homes which I thought would be fun to share is "the cow." It is the milk cooler that holds the 5 gallon bags of milk. I do remember these at college, but I've never needed to know anything about them, and of course, even though we had 5 weeks of training, knowing how to take care of the "cow" is one of the many skills that you just learn as you go on the job. Fortunately, the kids know how to do change the big milk bags (which are very heavy by the way), so we just let them "show" us how its done with a little help from us.

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Anonymous said...

That is one nice 'cow'!

How often do you have to add anew bag of milk?
So that's one reason you have to be able to lift so much weight in the requirements to work there.