Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Cause for Recognition That Went By Unmentioned

I didn't get to mention this at the appropriate time because of our crazy hectic schedule, but still wanted to acknowledge my super husband for his hard work in completing his second master's degree! Although he actually finished classes in March, the formal graduation for his Master of Divity degree was June 6th which of course we could not attend because of our new job. The graduation ceremony is still available for viewing (click here) but unless you want to sit through all 2 hours of the program, you can move the video to 89:30 to hear Mike's name announced (Michael L Catanzarito, Honors, In absentia).
I'm sorry we couldn't have been in Ashland to celebrate, Honey...I'm proud of you for all you've accomplished!


Janet and Jerry said...

Congrats Mike!

Probably didn't miss sitting through 2 hours though. he he he

Joni said...

congratulations michael lee! :) i bet you didn't miss the 2 hrs but still stinks you couldn't be there!