Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fair Week, Salsa, and Applesauce

The Ashland County Fair was last week. I was out there on Wednesday evening sitting at the booth for the health department. Then Mike had a magic show on Thursday evening. My mom and dad stopped on their way to Cincinnatti and spent the evening at the fair with us. Mike's show was pretty funny - the kids were hilarious. And, we enjoyed (well, at least mom and I did, and I think dad for some parts) walking around looking at the animals, quilts, crafts, 4-H projects, displays, vegetables, canned goods, antiques, etc. (sorry, the camara batteries died so I have no other pictures)
Then last Saturday I made salsa. I am just learning all this. It was the first time I have ever made salsa. The only other canning/preserving I've done before is jam/jelly. Mom brought me some extra tomatoes and hot peppers she had from the garden (thanks, mom!), so I only needed to buy some onions, bell peppers and tomato paste, which cost me only about $5 (plus the other ingredients I had on hand and the jars which will be reused)...
...and I now have 12 pints of homemade salsa!
Then, on Tuesday evening, some ladies from the church and I made applesauce. We were there until almost 11:00! But, it was worth it...I now have a bin full of applesauce in the freezer (about 16 quart-size bags which was approximately 1/2 bushel of apples)...yumm!

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Joni&Ron said...

you're salsa looks yummy! i want to make applesauce...not sure if i want to can it or freeze it...but judging from the LACK of lids in this area for canning...guess i'll freeze it if i get to it....mmmm :)