Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Testimony of God's Sovereignty and Grace

We watched Larry King's interview last Thursday with Steven Curtis Chapman and family talking about the tragic death of 5 yr-old adopted daughter Maria Sue. You can see all 6 parts of the program here. (Be sure to watch part 6/6 because there is an amazing story...)
As Steven Curtis Chapman prayed to God for comfort and that God would help him see that Maria Sue was safe shortly after the accident, he came across a drawing on the art table that Maria Sue had drawn the day she had 6 petals and only one was colored in. Steven said the petals represented his 6 children, and the one completely colored in was Maria Sue..she is whole now, as she is in Heaven with Jesus. The word "SEE" was written in Maria's handwriting on the page with the flower and they knew that she had never learned to write that word...
The video and story behind the song "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman written long before Maria Sue's death.

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Joni&Ron said...

I sat here for about 3 hrs last night looking at various new clips and videos in memory of the dear little girl! I cried at times and laughed at times as SCC had everyone laughing at the funeral as well.

I love the song Cinderella and I've heard the story behind it before too - TOO CUTE! I'm sure it's hard to sing now for him since she was one of the two that encouraged him to write it!