Sunday, August 3, 2008

Date Night: A Trip to Malabar Farm

I was finally able to get the pictures to upload onto blogger... Mike and I decided to go out last evening to do something fun together - outside of Ashland (usually the fun things that we do together include playing a game at home or watching a movie or something like that). We drove down and had dinner at the Malabar Inn Restaurant. It was a gorgeous summer evening so we chose a table outside on their deck. The food was delicious. They claim to use mostly ingredients from their farm.
Then we headed over to Malabar Farm. We browsed through the museum and gift shop (maybe I will know the difference between Holsteins, Brown Swiss, etc when we go to the fair this year).
We took a leisurely stroll around the farm, stopping at the pond.
Finally, we watched some of the barn dancing that they had going on that night. It looked like fun!
We are making plans to go back to the next barn dance! We had an enjoyable evening together. Thanks, honey, for suggesting it and for asking me out on a date down on the farm!


Julie said...

That is SO cool and sounds like so much fun! What a great idea. And how kind of God to give you such a beautiful evening for your time together ;)

Joni&Ron said...

looks like BEAUTIFUL weather!!! Glad you got a date night! No matter what it is, it's always nice to have the time together!!! I know Ron and I enjoyed our 4 day weekend! :)

Let me know how the dancing goes.... :)