Thursday, December 8, 2011

Frugal Friday: Crafty Christmas Ideas

I was looking around on the internet today for a crafty Christmas idea and a new Christmas picture for the background of my blog. I came across these sites...
You Seriously Made That!? (I love these nativity silouettes! No ideas for how to use them exactly yet)
And, of course from Money Saving Mom
Oh, here's one more...Gifts in a Jar eBook free download from Heavenly Homemakers...I think I'm going to try the Simmer Pot in a Jar on p. 17
I know the ideas out there are endless. I think I'll be posting some pictures of some of my recent projects (such as the pumpkin spice sugar scrub, snowflake busy bags, and pom-poms and pinchers busy bag) soon now that they are no longer "surprises". I also have been inspired to try some hair accessories after I received a very cool headband from my sister, Julie, for Christmas. Seeing new things inspires me. There's still time for another homemade Christmas gift...
***WARNING: You may lose track of time when you start clicking around***


Julie said...

That 36th ave handmade gifts under $5 is FANTASTIC!!! I've bookmarked it... love it. Hopefully I have time to do some! - the snack mix may either go to our small group christmas party or to the neighbors :) that would be fun!

Mom and Dad said...

Fantastic ideas!
They are all so cute.
Sorry our gifting is over for this year.
Yes, I love the snack mix too Julie.

Dad said...

yes the snack mix is neat, HOWEVER, did you see how to make the santa hats? Way too much for a chex mix type of snack. I like the original mix so why go to all the bother. A man's view!