Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer Renovations and 1st Harvest

We've been focusing on the outside of the house and yard over the last few months. Home improvement projects included: gutters, resurfaced deck, patio furniture, grill, and patio door. Next on the list is getting the driveway sealed. So here are some pictures of the changes... Here is a picture of the dining room looking out to the deck when we first bought the house (notice all the snow): This is the back of the house and deck before the gutters or resurfacing: A couple pictures after they pressure washed the deck: The deck freshly painted and bright: The main reason that we got the new patio door was that it was rotted... More rotting revealed when the old sliding door was removed: Our new patio door (with a double screen door)... ...and finished deck with patio furniture, grill and vegetable and herb garden: By the way, for our 1st cookout, we had some awesome hamburgers (and bison burgers) with some "gourmet" type toppings...I made my with grilled peppers and onions, homemade hot mustard (I'll have to post that recipe sometime) and pepper jack cheese - Yum-O! And, the gutters make everything look new and bright too: I picked the first tomatoes the other day (from container pots on the deck). There aren't many and they're small. The peppers are really nice - I let them all turn red - too bad there were only three that made it. It's exciting to have something to harvest from my first attempt at any type of gardening...


Dad said...

The pepper looks like it is a good size. Also, with the doors open make sure some "old man" doesn't just walk right through the screen! he he he

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Everything looks great!

Mom sent the one w/Mike and I grilling to you.

Joni said...

I was going to ask about Dad/Mike grilling...since you said it got deleted. Did you and Mike get "Grilling Lessons with Mom/Dad"? hehe

Looks wonderful you guys!!!! LOVE the new doors! And yes...VERY rotted and I'm glad it wasn't too much to fix and all!

Nice peppers too! We had ONE PLANT survive and had a few blossoms but nothing. I got peppers from Pam yesterday for salsa...that's this week. Still getting LOTS of tomatoes though!

love you!