Friday, August 27, 2010

Frugal Friday: Recycling Water

Now that we have houseplants and vegetable plants that need watered regularly, I have been using water from our dehumidifier and cooking water (I collected in this empty juice container) to water the plants. It makes more sense than dumping it down the drain. It got me thinking about other ways I could "find" water for my plants in between the rain waterings...
I found some ideas here
Anyone else have any other ideas?
...Pictures of our completed deck and 1st harvest coming soon...


Mom said...

I was never sure how many nutrients were left in the water from the dehumidifier to use it that way. Does make a lot of sense if they are still there. Anyone know?

I remember when you kids were little we had a summer of severe drought. Dad got the hose and ciphened the bath water out the upstairs window to water the garden.

Dad said...

yes, the days of siphoning water was so much fun. he he he

I thought the water from the dehumidifier was more like distilled water. Not sure, something to check out.

Joni said...

ahaha - mom and dad you're funny....kinda talking to each other thru Jen's comments. hehe

I must have been too little for that...don't remember the siphoning...I"m guessing WAY before Julie's room was added on!

That's a good frugal idea long as it's still good for the plants. I'll remember that when we get a house and have long as it doesn't kill them!

And not to sound dumb but that is ok to boil water to cook with????