Friday, July 30, 2010

Softball and Other Stuff

Mike was very excited to be able to play church softball again this year. He hasn't played since we lived in Pittsburgh. He is doing great...the best player on the team if you ask me. It has kept us busy but will soon be over with play offs next weekend. Last game, they were short players so I actually played. I didn't do too bad considering that I hadn't even attempted softball since high school. Mike said that qualifies me for the play offs, so who knows...maybe I'll even sign up for the team next year. Also, Mike has had magic shows on 3 Saturdays this past month (July). Last weekend, we had a graduation party for his niece, and this coming weekend we have a family wedding to attend. Things have been busy...but, good.


Pirate Parrot said...

Your husband should come play for us. I am sure he is better than the laughing stock we have right now and call "professionals"

Joni said...

Jen I bet you did better than me and I even went to practices...oh well. I never could hit anything with a bat....I always used the "fat bat" to play wiffle ball!

Nice job Mike! Glad you got to play again!