Friday, July 30, 2010

Frugal Friday: What a Stash!

I can't help but bragging a little bit over these deals I've found over the last couple weeks...the net total on all of this after tax was $4.03 !!! Here's how I did it...
KMart = $6.63 for school supplies (colored pencils $1, gluesticks $.25, crayons $.25, erasers $.50)
Staples = $4.11 after rebates (pens $.01, highlighters $.25, gel pens Free after rebate, (2) reams of paper $.01 after rebate, backpack Free after rebate)
CVS = $1 profit (2 packs of M & Ms for free, Kotex $1 profit after coupon and ECB)...they also have 6 x 8 photo books for Free after ECBs this week, but I haven't decided on what I want to do with that yet...they are nice to have on the coffee table or to give as a thoughtful yet inexpensive gift.
Kraft flavored mayo packets free by mail
Rite Aid = $5.71 profit (Dulcolax, Motrin PM & Zegerid $4.71 profit after coupons & rebates, Colgate toothpaste $1 profit after coupon and +UP reward, Reach toothbrush Free after rebate)
...AND, it appears that Rite Aid's new +UP program has no limit so you could potentially get unlimited Free Colgate toothpaste this week with a raincheck! (Even the clerk told me there was no limit on the raincheck!)
We will use most of it, and what we won't use can be passed on to bless others. Several of these items are great for the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes..

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Julie said...

yeah did you hear about my mayo packets? got the box in the mail with a rubberband around it and NOTHING inside. how's that?! - I still say you're gifted and just "meant" to receive free stuff and I wasn't :)- do you know if there's anyway to get the backpack deal yet? I need a new one.