Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jason & Kerby's Bon Voyage Tour and A Trip to the 'Burgh

My brother Jason and his wife Kerby stopped at our house for a brief visit last week on their bon voyage family tour. Then on Saturday we met up with them in Pittsburgh. We went to the Strip District and ate at Primanti Brothers. Then we headed over to the Pirates game and sat through a 1 1/2 hour rain delay, (this was before the rain really drenched us) but it was still lots of fun anyway. (Mike won 2 free tickets - wahoo! So, we are looking forward to at least one more trip to Pittsburgh this summer.) We'll be heading to Greenville this weekend to see Jason and Kerby one more time before they head to Costa Rica on June 1 to work with the Abraham Project there. More information about them can be found here on their blog. The Lord has been blessing them and preparing them for their work in Costa Rica for several months now. It's an exciting time for them as they trust God will provide the necessary prayer and financial support as well as continue to work out all of the details involved in moving to Costa Rica indefinitely in just a few days for full-time mission work.


Julie said...

THAT looks like a lot of fun :) I especially love your parka - it beats the one I used last monday at our baseball game... mine had no sleeves to it! Loved seeing all the pictures. Thanks letting us see your night :)

Jen said...

Actually that was a garbage bag with a hole for my head so it had no sleeves. Thanks to mom for bringing those and the hooded poncho which was wonderful when then rain really was coming down. It kept me (and my seat) mostly dry except a few spots that leaked through when the water was running down the poncho.

Mom said...

What a night!!!!!!!!

Wow, the pictures of the city and stadium are great.

Nice post Jen.

Dad said...

yes, it was a lot of fun!! Even through the rain.