Thursday, June 17, 2010

Frugal Friday: Cheap Magazines, Birthday & Other Freebies and Sears $50 Men's Clothing Rebate

Cheap Magazines Unless it's a family member selling magazine subscriptions as a fundraiser, Mike and I are pretty cheap when it comes to paying for magazines. I will admit, I've given in a time or two over the years to buy a magazine or cookbook at the grocery checkout, but that is definitely not the norm. Nor, do we subscribe to very many magazines. I view magazines as a "luxury" item. Usually Mike gets his Sports Illustrated and I may have one magazine that I am getting. Every once in awhile I will come across a deal on one of my favorite magazines - so may sign up if it's cheap enough. (I think once I had a year of Prevention magazine for free, and I've had a few months of I think it was Ladies Home Journal for free.)
This month there have been deals on Tanga for cheap magazine subscriptions. They have offered Better Homes and Gardens for around $2.99, Everyday with Rachel Ray for around $4.99 Taste of Home for around $4.99 and Weight Watchers magazine for around $3.99. If you are interested...go to Money Saving Mom blog and do a search for "subscription" to get the discount codes. (Just be careful not to overpay on any magazine subscription renewal - always know when your subscription is going to run out and if it is going to automatically renew. The date that the current subscription ends will be on the address label.)
Birthday Freebies
A birthday is a great time to take advantage of lots of freebies...
- In addition, I know Arby's offers a free milkshake (with any purchase) and Dunkin Donuts DD Perks a free drink (I think I signed up for both through the websites)
- Locally, the Ski Lodge in Treasure Lake offers a free steak or chicken dinner on your birthday.
Other Freebies
A couple of weeks ago in the newspaper there was a set of coupons for the new "Limeade Sparklers" at Taco Bell...if you didn't get them, you can print one here
Also, I usually don't sign up for the freebies by mail unless it's something pretty good. But, these were worth it...these are the freebies I received in the mail from P & G a couple weeks ago...
There are still freebies and coupons available here when you sign up for P & G Everyday Solutions.
Sears Father's Day Men's Clothing Rebate Through June 20th when you buy $50 of men's clothing you can send the receipt in for $50 in store credit back...more details here

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