Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Gorgeous Summer Day

It was a beautiful summer day yesterday. I searched the internet and found a nearby orchard and decided to go pick sour cherries. This is where I went - only about 20 minutes away from campus toward Harrisburg. Pick your own sour cherries were $.95/lb which I thought was a good price. I also bought some peas and new potatoes which I hulled and cooked for dinner, and some transparent apples for applesauce, which was good but not as good as our apple tree back home. I absolutely loved that I could get out and enjoy the summer day and some fresh produce and still be at home in the evening during "work" time.


Julie said...

VERY cool.
Unfortunately - no one here really cares for peas and potatos. I love it. and GREAT deal on the cherries. I've NEVER seen a price that low - even for sour ones. how kind of God to allow you a relaxing day to enjoy some of your favorites with just Mike... did mike eat the peas/potatoes?

Joni said...

yum! Looks good!

how are the BOYS at cooking? well...assisting the cook? :)

MOM said...

Wow, those look very good. Did you make a pie?
I love peas and potatoes! Yours was probably better too since I couldn't find any potatoes yet under our plants. Glad you found some good food!
Missed you guys this weekend.