Sunday, March 15, 2009

Meal Planner Monday: Green Smoothies

Since Joni posted about her smoothies last week and since St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow and everyone wants to turn something green, I thought it would be a great time to post this recipe (click here) that I found (I have not yet tried).
Recently I participated in a contest at my chiropractor's office (a spin-off of the Biggest Loser) and I tried one of the Naked green machine juices. It was definitely different - not necessarily my favorite drink, but I felt that I was getting a huge boost of anti-oxidants in the drink. The down side to the Naked Juices is that they are kind of expensive. This recipe is probably something similar at a fraction of the cost. Move over shamrock shakes, here comes the green smoothie!


Joni said...

I don't mean to be dumb...but where's the recipe?

Julie said...

I didn't see the recipe

Jerry said...

I didn't see the recipe???