Thursday, December 4, 2008

Frugal Friday

I am writing this to schedule to post since we are on the road again this week. I didn't see very many good deals this week. Most of my grocery budget this week was spent on contact solution for myself and razor blades for Mike which were both on sale at CVS. I also got a free surge protector power strip at RiteAid. Everything else that I bought this week was just the basics (milk, juice, produce) and a couple other items. This week's shopping trips were... Aldi 4-pack peppers OJ green beans bananas hot dog buns Hawkins 2 bags (1 doz) grapefruit $5 (Tuesday only sale but other stores are advertising for 2/$1) Mac n cheese (not something normally I buy but I needed a quick meal) Walmart 1/2 gallon milk tortilla chips ice cream CVS 2 pk OptiFree Replenish multi-purpose solution $15.99 - $1 coupon - $2 ECB = $12.99 8 pk Gillette Fusion Razors $25.99 - $5 ECB = $20.99*** ---
Ok, the truly frugal thing to do would be to strictly wear glasses rather than contacts and Mike to grow a full beard, but we haven't decided to do least not yet... RiteAid Surge protector power strip $5 - $5 rebate Total $45.51 ***I was disappointed though that I couldn't find a Sunday Paper last week because I could have saved another $4 with a coupon for the razors. Oh, well. RiteAid is doing a promotion 11/16-12/24 that you can earn gift cards for spending $25 or more, unfortunately purchased gift cards, money back on rebates and prescriptions don't count toward the money spent to earn this reward. Walgreens has a few good deals (see here) this the way, I recently heard one is coming to Ashland! Kodak Gallery is running a special deal on 75 free prints and 30 holiday cards for $.48...more info here Currently there are several online coupons for contact solution... AMO Complete multi-purpose solution (this is a December CVS monthly deal $8.99 - $8.99 ECB) Aquify multi-purpose solution Renu multi-purpose travel kit Renu Multi-Plus Renu Multi-Plus home & travel pack OptiFree multi-purpose solution Boston Simplus multi-action solution Renu rewetting solution
This week's Frugal Friday tip
Check your receipts and know your prices so that when the clerk rings up the order you can catch a mistake (almost always overcharging because the sale does't ring up)...I have had it happen twice in the last couple months, one I caught while I was in the store and it was corrected and one I didn't catch until later so I couldn't get that one corrected.

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