Saturday, May 7, 2011

Derby Day

Today was the Kentucky Derby, the first of the Triple Crown Races. It's my favorite of the 3 races because it has the most character, I think. It's my favorite because... 1) I've actually visited Churchill Downs, 2) it's in the beautiful blue-grass farmlands of Kentucky, 3) I love the fashion at the Kentucky Derby...seeing everyone dressed up in sophisticated attire and their hats (What kind of fashion is it anyway? English? Southern plantation?), 4) they have the best song, and 5) I've had the Kentucky Derby Pie at Rachels in Grove City and it is really yummy! (I'll have to try that recipe sometime.) Someday, I'd like to go see the Kentucky Derby in person. I'll never be an owner or a jockey of one of those horses. But, I thought it would be fun if anyone is creative enough and wants to post what they would name their horse if they could have one to run in the race.


Keith and Julie said...

the kids say, "Pants on the ground" instead of "pants on fire" ha!

And I'm sure it has meaning (i don't know alot about the horses - just watched the race) but Animal Shelter doesn't sound very motivating to me. Amazing that it won though -

so how about just a simple "lightning" =) I suppose it's too boring.

Dad said...

Mom and I pick who we think will win and Mom won this year! I also would like to go and be there for it someday. We would not get to see the race because of all the people in the infield. Also, if we went it would probably be a rainy muddy day like a lot of the years are. oh well.