Friday, March 25, 2011

Frugal Friday: Cheap Toilet Paper

There is an offer through "All You" (until 4/15/11) that you get a $10 Walmart gift card when you purchase any 2 of the following: Cottonelle Ultra 12 pack, Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Family Size or Zicam. The price for the Cottonelle at our Walmart is $7.36 each. So, for the offer then you would get 24 double rolls for just over $4 total after the gift card or even less if you can price match or have a coupon... Click here for offer


Julie said...

I clicked on your "click here" but there was no link attached :)

Jen said...

uhho, don't know what happened...I must have goofed up the link when I changed the font to bold...anyway, now it says that the offer is gone...sorry :(

Dad said...

Here is a "toilet paper" story for you!
A lady went into the grocery store for some toilet paper and asked for some help deciding on what brand to buy. The store clerk advised her to buy a no name brand because all toilet paper is the same. The next week the lady came back into the store and told the clerk she had a name for that toilet paper she bought last week. The lady said I call it "John Wayne" toilet paper. The clerk said "Really! Why is that?". The lady said because "It's rough, tough and doesn't take crap from anyone!" he he he