Thursday, February 26, 2009

Frugal Friday: Forever Postage

Did you know that postage was going up again? The price for 1st class mail will go up to 44 cents on May 11. Buying a few extra books of "Forever" stamps now would probably be worthwhile... I's only a few cents...but, at 2 cents per stamp that is a difference of 40 cents per book of twenty stamps after May 11 - that could add up to some "dollars" over 1-2 years depending on how many stamps you normally buy throughout the year for Christmas cards and everything...and right now...that's a better investment rate of return than our 401k!


Anonymous said...

Yes,I heard - sorry, I forgot I was going to spread the word postage was going up. I got a few extra at the post office last week but it is also hard to part with the spending money to 'buy ahead' sometimes.

Thanks Jen, mom

Joni said...

i'd have a hard time buying that many stamps...guess i'll pay more bills online now that it continues to go up.

Any word about not having mail on Saturdays?

Jen said...

Think of it as an investment...I calculated the rate of increase in the value of the stamps is 4.75% - which like I said is better than the interest rate you can get in a savings account right now over the next year or two. So, "investing" just $50 may mean feel like spending a big chunk of money now but also that you might not have to buy stamps again for quite a long time. We try not to mail any of our bills but we still use stamps for some things - mostly personal/Christmas cards & stuff like that.